TRIND Perfect System Nail Repair Natural Original Gloss 0.30 oz

Trind Nail Repair is an effective nailstrengthener which develops strong supple nails! The unique formula of Trind cross-links the protein molecules, creating a rigid structure that makes the nails stronger.Nailstrengthener. Contains formaldhyde. Protect cuticles with cream. Before use, carefully read the instructions in the enclosed information leaflet.

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Trind Natural Nail Repair

The nail is made out of 3 layers of protein molecules, connected to each other by Natural Moisturizers. They make the nail supple. In the perfect nail you find 82% of protein-molecules and 18% of Natural Moisturizers. Most nail hardeners will just glue the protein-molecules together, leaving no space for the natural moisturizers, and nails become brittle as a result. Trind Nail Repair tightens the protein-molecules while leaving space for the natural moisturizers leaving nails stronger and healthier.

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Crack Attacker Instant Nail Repair Bandages (US Made)

These nail bandages are US MADE
Transparent and easy to use
Takes just two seconds of your time
Waterproof, soap proof, cream proof
No time consuming in a busy day or date
Last for days
No glue, no mess, no eye sore on your split nail
No need to repair your broken nail again and again and again

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Luxuriant Cuticle Care 3ml

Naturally repair cuticle damage with Luxuriants luscious formula. A quick and convenient balm stick delivers rich shea butter, nourishing oils and balancing lavender essential oil to heal dry, cracked cuticles for improved comfort and beauty. The instant soothing moisture it provides alleviates pain associated with hangnails and allows you to enjoy healthier, suppler fingertips.

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